New 3D models available

New 3D models of our signaling devices are available on our website now. Download the new 3D files and learn more about the benefits of our STP files. 


Download available 3D models

Here you will find an overview of all available 3D models. We are constantly expanding the range of our 3D drawings to provide you with our entire product range.




3D models PC7

The PC7 is the highest signal tower offering the most combination possibilities. Up to 7 positions make the PC7 the most verstile signal tower from Auer Signal.
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The CT5 was developed exclusively for 24V DC operation. For standard applications where high quality and an attractive price are required, the CT5 is the right choice.
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A+Q Series


The A+Q Series offers the most comprehensive product range of cubic beacons and sounders. Devices of the same size can be combined with each other. 
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The eye-catching HD signal tower in semi-circular design offers optimal signaling due to the 180 degree beam angle. The signal tower is available with and without sound and can be configured individually.
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three signal towers on a podest

The signal tower MS50 offers visual and audible modules with a diameter of 50mm. The visual modules are available in LED, xenon and incandescent light technology.
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T+U Series

six beacons in different colours on a podest

The T+U Series is one of our most extensive signaling device series, which offers audible and visual components. The devices are available in the sizes Ø 60 mm and Ø 75 mm.
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four compact signal towers on a pedestal

The ready-to-use C30 is one of our pre-assembled signal towers, but can also be configured individually as required. It has a diameter of 30mm.
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LK Series

two signal lamps on white pedestal

The LK series includes the xenon flashing light FLK (Ø 60 mm) and the continuous light WLK (Ø 60 mm).
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M28 Series

built-in buzzers on white pedestal

The M28 series includes built-in buzzers with a wide voltage range for universal applications, and encapsulated electronics.
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BZG Series

two signal lamps on white pedestal

The large xenon flashing light (Ø 72 mm) has a very good signalling effect and a die-cast aluminium housing.
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R Series


Our R Series is not only the brightest LED beacon in its category, it also impresses with a wide range of functions and a simple series concept.

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With its transparent design and colored LEDs, our MT60 not only meets aesthetic requirements, but is also a cost-effective signal tower that is supplied pre-assembled - just plug and play.Download 3D models

P Series


The P Series is built for extremes. The fully sealed signal beacon has a very high degree of protection (IP67 & IP69) and is made for extreme ares of application in dust, ice rain or heat.
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The standard signal tower series ECO is still equipped with classic contacting with metal pins, but also offers a complete product range in LED and incandescent lamp technology in three sizes (40, 60, 70).
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N Series

four beacons in different colors on a podest

N Series beacons are equipped wih High Power LEDs and are particularly suitable for use in extreme lighting conditions, such as direct sun light.
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M22 Series

product picture of M22 built in devices

The M22 built-in signal device series is available in three sizes: Ø 30 mm, Ø 45 mm und Ø 65 mm. The M22 series buzzer is available as an add-on for the installation series.
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G Series

three signal lamps on white pedestal

Series G is our best-value solution for universal applications. The large signal lamp with 48 LEDs produces a very good frontal and lateral signal effect.                                                     Download 3D models

ES Series

sirens on white pedestal

The inexpensive and simple multitone sounder has 32 tones that can be set by means of dip switches.

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EH Series

sirens on white pedestal

This multi-tone alarm sounder have 15 tones that can be switched externally. Tone and timing frequencies can be adjusted by potentiometer.
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XB2 Series

two signal lamps on white pedestal

The xenon strobe beacon has a good signalling effect and is suitable for simple standard applications.
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K+H Series


The well-designed and robust electromechanical signal horns with the distinctive, classic horn tone of our K+H Series score with an atractive price-performance ratio.Download 3D models

ATEX Series

ATEX-Gruppenfoto 3D Downloads

Auer Signal's explosion proof equipment provides safety for all applications in which the atmosphere can be potentially explosive or hazardous, therefore meeting European ATEX standard.Download 3D models



What are 3D models?

3D models are CAD modeling tools. CAD (Computer Aided Design) stands for the creation of digital designs. One essential part of it is 3D modeling. With CAD systems, such as AutoCAD, 3D models can be created. Thereby objects are created in a three-dimensional view and can be displayed in different angles (e.g. 360° views, section views). 


What are 3D models used for?

Nowadays, 3D models are used for almost any kind of design work. Whether it is for architectural designs or for the development of a machine. 3D models of our signaling devices are quite often used for example to place them directly on a machine or a control cabinet. This not only has the advantage that the application including the signal device is visually represented. Once all components have been imported into a CAD system, a detailed parts list of all components is automatically created.


What file format are the CAD files?

Our 3D CAD models are available in .STP format. This file format is one of the most common, besides .DWG or .EPS.


Which CAD software is required?

To work with our 3D models, a CAD software is necessary. The most popular CAD programs include AutoCAD, SolidWorks or NX. Besides these professional tools, there are also fee CAD programs, which should be sufficient, especially if only a CAD viewer is needed.


How do we create the 3D models?

The Auer Signal design engineer team is responsible for the design and development of our signaling devices. A major part of the product development includes designing the products with a CAD software. These models, which are created by our engineers, are not only used as visual illustrations, but also contain all electronic components of the device. 

In contrast, the 3D models which are available for free download on our website, are much more simplified. They do not contain any electronic components, but are rather used for the graphical illustration. 

All available files can be downloaded directly on our website in the format STEP AP214. The 3D files are very detailed in terms of shape and can be displayed in color.


Why are 3D models available on our website?

As a customer-oriented company, the constant expansion of our offered services is a special concern for us. For this reason, we offer our 3D models for free download on our website. This gives you immediate access to the 3D models.


How to download available 3D models?

You can download the 3D models of our signaling devices by clicking on the blue button "Download 3D models" at the top of this page. Alternatively, you will also find a button on the right side of each product page on our website, if 3D models are available.

You will then be redirected to a page containing a form. Simply fill in the form and you will be forwarded to the webpage where you can download the 3D models as a .ZIP folder for free. You will find the downloaded folder in the browser window or in your downloads. 

If you have any questions about our 3D models, do not hesitate to contact our Customer Service Team by submitting our contact form.

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