Series A+Q - the Mighty & the Bright

Our product series A and Q are one of our most successful product lines. The cubic devices in four different sizes can be easily combined and put together, for example, to build a traffic light solution or visual-audible combination.


Beacon Series Q - the Bright

The Series Q is our most comprehensive beacon series. The extensive product range is available in four sizes (94mm, 132mm, 184mm, 228mm) and in LED or Xenon technology. The beacons are available as steady/flashing and multi strobe beacons. Find a detailed overview of our Series Q models in the table below:


SIZE 1, 94 mm SIZE 2, 132 mm SIZE 3, 184 mm SIZE 4, 228 mm
QDS LED steady/flashing QDM LED stead/flashing QDL LED steady/flashing QDX LED steady/flashing
QBS LED multi strobe QBM LED multi strobe QBL LED multi strobe QBX LED multi strobe
QFS Xenon strobe QFM Xenon strobe    



  • Ideal frontal and lateral signalling effect thanks to unique lens design
  • 4 strobe patterns (2 of which can be switched externally), plus steady and flashing light
  • Resistant to vibrations and impact
  • State-of-the-art LED technology: low power consumption, maintenance-free, long-lasting
  • Can be mounted directly on walls and using brackets




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Multi-tone sounder Series A - the Mighty

Our multi-tone siren series A - the Mighty is designed in the same construction and the same sizes as its luminaire equivalent, the series Q. This means that Series A and Series Q can be combined in any way.

The Series A models ASS-T and ASM (plus variants of them) have now been reworked and no longer include the second terminal, which had been designed for potential-free switching of tones 2 and 3. In the new Series A models, the stages (tones 2 and 3) are instead switched directly via the supply current terminal.




  • Improved tone, 3-ring chime
  • Direct stage switching by means of terminal assignment, without potential-free (voltage-free) switches as was the case before
  • Switched mode power supply for 120–240 V AC models, ensuring a wide input voltage range(separate devices before now)




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