High-power combination: A+Q Series

Watch our step-by-step installation and assembly video and learn how to combine a beacon and an alarm sounder from our powerful A+Q Series.

Multi-tone alarm sounders from our A Series and beacons from our Q Series can easily be assembled to a visual-audible signaling device. This combination can be installed in just a few steps. Beacons from our Q Series of the same size can also be combined to form a traffic light solution. This particularly simple and well thought-out concept makes it possible to combine all products of the same size.



  • Two units of the same size from our A+Q Series
  • AMK mounting kit



  • Remove the top part of the beacon or the sounder and set it aside.
  • Align the drill holes of the base parts using the guide lines and place them with the drill hole facing upwards. 
  • Place a 20 mm drill bit on the drill mark and drill through the drill hole. 
  • Repeat this process for the second base.
  • Remove the drill waste thoroughly from the base.
  • Insert the AMK mounting kit through the drilled hole and attach the two bases with one another.
  • Make sure all gaskets are inside the fixture.
  • Place the top parts on the bases, align the top parts by the highest screw domes.
  • Set a torque of 2 Nm with a torque wrench and screw the two top parts onto the bases using a PZ2 bit.
  • The two devices are now assembled and ready for your application. For more information on mounting A and Q Series devices as well as information on connection and cabling, please refer to the instruction manual.



Serie AQ Kombi AnwendungenCommon fields of application using the A+Q combinations

Our A+Q Series devices are often used for long distance signaling. The high sound level and high luminosity of the products make them especially suitable for applications where visibility and sound over a long distance are important. This includes applications on cranes (e.g. overhead travelling cranes, construction cranes, harbour cranes), access control for roads or industrial doors and gates or signaling in big halls. 

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