PC7: One stack light, two appearances

With the PC7LD diffusor films, you can choose between two separate appearances for your PC7 signal tower: clear or diffuse light distribution. Find out how fast and easy the installation may done.

Auer Signal’s PC7 signal tower is the brightest on the market. With its outstanding brightness, the PC7 leaves competitors’ signal towers in the shade. The PC7 delivers a performance that other signal towers can only provide with high-performance modules. Besides the outstanding brightness, the PC7 scores with its multitude of additional features of visual and audible modules. The PC7 diffusor films underline even more the simple and flexible principle of this stack light.

One diffusor film for two beam patterns

The PC7LD diffusor film can be used for every in-line light module of the PC7. Placing the film into the module creates a diffuse radiation pattern and a strong color contrast. This allows the appearance of the signal tower may be adjusted very quickly and easily:

  • Light modules without a diffusor film emit a clear beam pattern and comply with the highest performance in terms of luminosity.
  • Light modules with diffusor film emit a stronger color contrast and a more homogeneous radiation pattern.

Simple installation of the diffusor films

Installing the diffusor films only takes a few seconds and does not require any tools. One package serves most signal tower applications with diffusor films for four light modules.


  1. Remove the light modules from the signal tower or take them out of the packaging. Two diffusor films are required for each module. Please take notice of the PC7 instruction manual.
  2. Insert the first film on one side of the lens, then insert the second film on the opposite side.
  3. Repeat the steps for all required light modules.
  4. Place all light modules back onto the PC7 base. The signal tower is now ready for use.

To remove the diffusor films, take the light modules off the signal tower and simply remove the diffusor films with your hands.

With these easy steps you have the possibility to create two different appearances within seconds.