P Series: New multifunction beacon with M12 connector

Our P Series - the Tough - now includes the new multifunction beacon PDMC5 with integrated M12 connector. The new model complements the existing P Series product range of pre-wired and impact-resistant beacons (IK08, IP67 & IP69). 




PDMC5: Plug & Play 

With its M12 5-pin connector, the new PDMC5 multifunction beacon enables a very easy, simple, and fast plug & play installation. Compared to the pre-wired P Series models, the installation effort for this specific model is significantly lower. The simple mounting with M12 connector prevents installation mistakes and the high degree of protection IP69 is maintained.

The multifunction beacon with a diameter of 75mm combines the functions steady, flashing, strobe, and rotating light in just one product. All light patterns can be switched externally.


orange beacon with M12 plug


  • Integrated 5-pin M12 connector: Plug & Play
  • High degree of protection IP67 & IP69
  • 4 lightning functions: steady, flashing,
    strobe (6-times), rotating light
  • Light patterns externally switchable



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Auer Signal's P Series - the Tough

blue beacon in sand

The P Series from Auer Signal is designed for applications in extreme environments such as dust, ice, rain, or heat. The high degree of protection IP67 and IP69 meets these requirements and ensures safety and a reliable warning, even in the harshest conditions.



Except for the new PDMC5, all P Series models are available in high and low lens versions, pre-wired and ready to mount with pre-mounted stainless steel screws. The product P Series includes LED multi strobe beacons, steady/flashing beacons and multi color beacons as well as xenon strobe beacons.


P Series with M12 connector


PDMC5 LED multifunction beacon

P Series with high lens


PFH LED multi strobe beacon
PCH LED steady/flashing beacon
PMH LED 3 color beacon
PXH xenon strobe beacon

P Series with low lens


PFL LED multi strobe beacon
PCL LED steady/flashing beacon
PXL xenon strobe beacon



PVW_vertikal_orangeThe high and low lens models also have other mounting options in addition to regular surface mounting:

  • PMR tube mounting (100mm & 250mm) and
  • XWR bracket for vertical mounting of tube bases
  • PVW bracket for vertical mounting




All P Series beacons comply with the degree of protection IP67 and IP69. Depending on the installation, IP69 is maintained. With an open mounting method using e.g. a bracket an IP rating of IP69 can be reached. Using the provided flat gasket for surface mount such as tube mounting (accessory PMR) or bracket mount (accessory PVW) an IP rating of IP66 and IP67 is achievable.

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Further M12 signaling devices

The PDMC5 is Auer Signal's first single beacon with integrated M12 connector. Additionally, we offer M12 bases for our signal towers PC7CT5, ECO40 and ECO60.

M12 base in black

M12 in black

M12 base for signal tower PC7
available with 5- or 8-pins

M12 base for signal tower CT5
available with 5-pins

horizontal base in black

Black M12 connector base

Horizontal base with 5-Pin M12 connector

Horizontal base with 5-Pin M12 connector